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About us

Kefi Beach Bodrum

Kefi Beach opened to guests in the summer season of 2013 with a magnificent beach 100 metres in length, a natural green sunbathing and event area of 1000 metres-squared, a 150-people capacity open-air and covered restaurant, 5 junior suites and 17 standard rooms, a sailing and water sports club and a 200 -pace car park. Kefi Beach is located on the Bodrum Ortakent-Yahşi coast.

Kefi Beach Bodrum

Kefi Beach is managed by the Aras family of Bodrum at is the right address to experience Bodrum as well as to have fun and relax with its location right by the sea, its all-season restaurant, breezy hotel and live music performances accompanying every dinner…

Kefi Beach Bodrum

The restaurant’s menu, which includes many different alternatives from local flavours to select global cuisine and tasty mezzes to Turkish cuisine, was designed according to guest requests. The menu includes unique flavours from the Aegean and Mediterranean such as rich local mezze choices, calamari, octopus, prawns, daily fish, Bodrum’s traditional çökertme kebab, grilled sirloins, fried diced lamb (sac kavurma), pastas and mantı (Turkish ravioli).

Kefi Beach Bodrum

Breakfast has a special place of importance at Kefi Beach. Warm breads and crispy simit (Turkish bagels) baked in our own oven, fried eggs and omelettes accompany the Kefi open breakfast buffet of cheeses, olives, butter, honey and homemade organic jams procured wholly from local suppliers. The natural open buffet Kefi Beach breakfast with many varieties of food offers a magnificent beginning to the day.

Kefi Beach Bodrum

Kefi Beach has everything you need to make your special days, meetings and celebrations unforgettable. From the door to the kitchen and from the bar to the service, you will be greeted and hosted with warmth in just the same way the price-quality balance is ideal for birthdays, engagements, weddings and group meals, with the professional and ever-smiling team.


Burçak Ö

Don’t go looking around for a place at Bodrum. Go and make y our reservation at Kefi. It is a pleasant, clean place. The Grass Beach is very beautiful. I go every year to either stay or just to spend the day and I have never experienced anything upsetting. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Kemal D

It is a place I never fail to stop by at when I come because I love the cold, clear waters of Yahşi. The facility is right by the sea. Places in the shade on the beach, the grass, bar and restaurant have been created. There are charging stations for your phones. The fast food-style foods are good and the lahmacun (very thin Turkish pizza covered with minced meat and onions) are not bad. I absolutely recommend the frozen drinks. It is a good, pleasant place.


I went to Kefi Beach on a friend’s recommendation and the beach and sea are perfect. The service quality is really good. The employees were ever-smiling and attentive while the food was brilliant. You don’t pay extra for the deck chair, it is enough to promise that you will only spend 60TL per head...

Yasemin G

This summer we decided to stay in a summer home in Bodrum where we have preferred to stay in hotels in previous years. We made use of Kefi Beach’s beach on a recommendation as the summer house we stayed at didn’t have its own beach. We spend most of our days there. I can say that it has a warm and sincere family management. Even though it is commercially-orientated, I don’t think it is too motivated by profit. There were some hiccups like those you can have anywhere else, but this were tolerable hiccups. The food was successful and, even though I am strict when it comes to carbohydrates, I recommend you try the pizzas and pide (flat bread) which were good enough to make me lose track. We went into the sea leaving our private belongings on the beach and didn’t have to look behind our back. The personnel were attentive and happy. I recommend you experience this place for one day even on your next Bodrum holiday.

bilal h

We came to Ortakent on a recommendation after staying at Gümbette for 5 days. It is a pretty hotel. The restaurant and bar concepts are very good. The sea and coat are really amazing. They are much cleaner and clearer compared to Gümbette. The restaurants are good. If only we had come earlier we say to ourselves.

Kefi Beach Bodrum